Hiking is a great way to experience Southern Utah’s unique landscapes during your stay at our Hildale resort. But those same landscapes that make for some incredible views can also be dangerous to explore if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Water Canyon Resort is located just a short drive from the Water Canyon Trail, as well as a variety of other stunning hiking trails.

Ready to start planning your next visit to your favorite Hildale resort? If you’ll be hiking during your stay, keep reading to learn a few expert tips that you need to know.

1. Never Hike Alone

Perhaps the most important tip that every hiker should follow regardless of their experience level is to never hike alone. While you might feel safe tackling a familiar trail back home on your own, when hiking in a new location, it’s always a good idea to bring a buddy. Even seemingly easy trails may harbor hazards that you don’t know are there or challenges that you aren’t familiar with. Plus, hiking with a friend is more fun!

2. Check the Weather Before Hitting the Trail

A couple of days before your planned hike, start checking the weather forecast. Check it again the night before your hike, and once more in the morning. If you have service, do a final check just before setting out for your hike.

Southern Utah, including some of the trails you’ll find near your favorite Hildale resort, is prone to some extreme weather. During the summer months, temperatures can sometimes rise into the triple digits. With many desert trails lacking any kind of shade, these temperatures can make it dangerous even for experienced hikers to take on in the middle of the day.

Some low lying parts of Southern Utah are prone to flash flooding. Even if it isn’t raining in your location, rain further upstream can cause a rush of water, which can make trails in canyons turn dangerous very quickly. If there’s a chance of rain during the time you are planning to hike, consider choosing a hike on higher ground instead.

3. Get the Right Gear

Even if temperatures aren’t in the triple digits during your hike, having the right gear and clothing on hand can help you stay safe and comfortable. 

Start with the right clothes. Moisture-wicking materials are a great choice, whether you’re hiking in the heat of the summer or the middle of winter. They’ll help to wick away sweat, keep you cool or help you to avoid a chill. If you’re hiking in the spring, fall, or winter, consider wearing layers. Morning temperatures may be much lower than they’ll get in the middle of the afternoon. Having layers that you can easily add or shed will help you stay comfortable when the weather changes.

A good pair of hiking boots are also a must. Opt for a pair with good tread to help you keep your balance, as well as ankle support for tough trails. 

4. Let Someone Know Where You’re Going

Even if you’re hiking with a buddy, make sure that someone who isn’t on the trail with you is aware of your plans. Text the name of the trail, any side trails you plan to take, and the time you are heading out to a friend or family member. You can also let them know how long you expect it to take. If you don’t communicate with them by a certain time, they can contact someone to get you help and help authorities to better understand where you’re likely to be if something goes wrong.

5. Research Trails Ahead of Time

Planning to take on some challenging hikes during your stay? Long before you arrive at our Hildale resort, it’s a good idea to do some research on the trails you’d like to hike.

This will help you narrow down your trail options to ones that fit you and your group’s abilities. If you’re thinking about heading to Zion National Park during your visit, this will also give you a chance to apply for a permit to hike to Angels Landing if you choose.

6. Learn Some Basic First Aid

Even if you plan to stick to shorter, easier hikes, it’s a good idea to learn a little basic first aid ahead of your trip. From cleaning up a cut to wrapping an ankle, knowing the basics of what to do if someone in your group is injured can help you to stay calm and provide aid on the trail. Don’t forget to pack a first aid kit in your hiking pack as well.

7. Stay Hydrated

Another tip that any experienced hiker will tell you is to start hydrating early and stay hydrated through your hike. When you’re climbing steep elevations, sweating in the hot sun, and covering long distances, it’s very easy to get dehydrated. When you’re actively hiking in mid-range temperatures, you’ll want to drink around 1 liter of water every two hours. In hot temps and on strenuous trails, you’ll need to drink more.

Before you ever get to Hildale, Utah, start hydrating yourself with water or electrolyte drinks. When you get ready to hit the trail, pack more water than you expect to need. That way if you wind up thirstier than you expected or the trail takes longer, you’ll be prepared.

Planning Your Next Visit to Your Favorite Hildale Resort

With our location just a short drive from Zion National Park and many other Southern Utah parks, hiking is a popular activity for guests of our Hildale resort. Whether you’ll be day tripping to Zion or enjoying the nearby Water Canyon Trail, these hiking tips can help you hit the trails like a pro, and stay safe and comfortable during your visit.

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